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8 O'CLOCK - 4D Bird Nest Essence Mask

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Tags: 8oclock, firming, 4d, birdnest, brightening, hydration, whitening

8 O'Clock - 4D Bird Nest Essence Mask

Enriched with extracts from bird's nest, ginseng and quince along with purified water, glycerin and phenoxyethanol, this essence mask helps hydrate skin, soften and smoothen! Skin looks rejuvenated and radiant, Bird's Nest in the east is known as a vitality ingredient, Hyaluronic acid helps to bring more moisture to the skin and the 4D shape of the mask fits the face beautifully, there is also a firming and lifting element within the mask.


1) After cleansing and toning face, apply sheet mask, stretch out the bottom of the mask and place the loops over the ears to firm the lower jaw.

2) Remove after 10-20 minutes and pat in remaining essence.

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