About Us

A Note from The Creator ~

Hello my fellow beauty junkies, let me introduce myself so we are better acquainted! My name is Estee and I am a full-time mum to three amazing and slightly crazy kids. I am a fully qualified CIDESCO Beauty Therapist, and have had many years’ experience in the industry. I have always loved anything to do with beauty hence why I became a therapist, and I have found during my years of study that skincare in Asia was years beyond the western world. Asian people seemed to really take care of their skin and their outward appearance was very important to them. When I was young I always saw my mum put this strange paper looking sheet on her face most nights, back then I dismissed it as my mum being weird (we are all a little eccentric in my family) but seeing her skin now and knowing what I know about skincare and sheet masks I definitely do not think she was weird, instead she was a genius! Sheet masks are now gaining popularity in the UK but they are still hard to come by without the high shipping costs and the time you have to wait for delivery but besides that, so many to choose from, so little time to try and quality varies greatly.

My obsession has led me to find many amazing sheet masks that aren’t that easily accessible to those of us living outside of Korea. Each month we work hard to source the latest trends but always keeping quality in mind. We carefully handpick and test each mask before they are to be boxed and sent because I care not just about the cute and pretty packaging but also most importantly what goes into them, the material used and what skin type it is best suited for because everyone deserves good quality products and happy skin is the best skin.

Our Story ~

During the hours where I would be up at God knows what time of the night feeding my latest addition to the family I started thinking about the other women out there who lead busy lives whether they are mums or not and how easy it is for us to neglect our skin, and how great it would be if I could curate a box of masks catered for the women that want something hassle free, easy and gives you glowing skin which was also affordable delivered to your door monthly? And hey presto Mask Time was conceived!

I really wanted the business to have personality and not be just another run of the mill beauty box company, not only do I love beauty but I love art and I feel the two go hand in hand, when designing the brand, I wanted to create something that could showcase both these aspects which I hope you can see permeate through from my sketchbook packaging to the beautifully hand packed boxes and the website which I have spent many hours mulling over. It was very important for me to represent what I envisioned Mask Time to be; a fresh and quirky brand appealing to women of all ages (even men!) with some fun thrown in because, well no matter how old we are we deserve some fun but also to keep in mind a simple clean balanced look to reflect what skincare should be.

Whether you are an experienced mask addict or a mask newbie - here at Mask Time we have a mask for your every need ranging from lip masks, hands, feet, hair you name it we got it.

So, on that note, I hope you all love what we have to offer as much as I do, I’m so excited to share this with you guys and that we can continue on this journey together, remember to always give yourself a little ‘Mask Time’.

Process ~

Each month at Mask Time every single mask is carefully selected and tested before being curated, these are products that we use on a personal basis and would recommend, our boxes also reflect the season we are in and addresses what our skin needs when the weather changes. Every box is then hand packed with love, included is also a ‘Haul Card’ with details of what is inside and how to use them. All this delivered to your door each month so that you can get that all important ‘Mask Time’!