A'PIEU - Steam Eye Mask

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A'PIEU - Steam Eye Mask

After a long, tiring day, there’s nothing like this steam eye mask to give your eyes proper rest. This calming eye mask hooks comfortably onto your ears, staying put while you sit or relax under the covers.

The mask heats up immediately upon opening and stays heated for 20 minutes, so you can melt away any stress and tension. If you tend to look at screens for a long time, this steam eye mask is a must-try!


Make sure your eye area is clean by removing all makeup and ensuring that any skin care products you applied have been properly absorbed.

Remove contact lenses.

Open the pouch and remove the mask.

Tear along the dotted line in the middle to separate the straps and place the mask, white-side down, on your eyes.

Make sure to keep your eyes closed throughout wear.

Carefully hook the straps onto your ears. The mask, activated by air, will begin to warm up and stay heated for around 20 minutes.

If you feel that the mask is too hot at any point, immediately remove the mask.

Remove and discard after 20 minutes. It is possible that the mask also expands a little during wear due to the water vapor inside the mask, but this is normal.

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