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April Glow Setter Box

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Missed out on the subscription for the month? Or just want to try out one of our boxes? Or you just want to give a gift of sheet masks, we've got you covered!

Our April Glow Setter Box is here! Filled with 9 amazing masks! Hurry, we only have a few in stock!!

Out with the old and in with the new! This month we are focusing of sloughing away that dead skin and revealing brighter, healthier and happier skin! From two tone sheet masks from Laneige that address two skin needs at the same time, to recovery masks that heal irritated or problematic skin types. Included in this month’s box to celebrate the launch of our Glow Starter Box is a MASK TIME gift and bonus skincare item, now that really is a treat!

The Art:Cell Aurora Pearl Mask – RP £3.50

We can’t get over how beautiful the packaging from the company The Art:Cell, who doesn’t love mermaid inspired art? Not only is it a pretty face but it works wonders too! The niacinamide from the aurora pearl essence works to brighten dull complexions and gives skin a luminous glow. The cellulose sheet works to revitalise, firm and moisturise the overall appearance of the face!

Medi Lab Black Rose Ampoule Mask Pack – RP £4.00

Using a patented Damask Black Rose Cellulose Fiber Sheet this mask retains more essence and minimises evaporation whilst delivering deep moisture and nutrients to the skin. This extremely thin slightly translucent pink (we love pink) sheet mask adheres amazingly to the skin, perfect for all skin types even sensitive skins! The Black Damask Rose Water calms irritated skin and works to promote a healthy and clear complexion.

Frienvita Whitening Filtering Yuja Vita C Mask – RP £3.50

One of the first masks to have a skin filtering function, it helps to protect the skin from yellow dust, fine dust and atmospheric contamination! Vitamin C alleviates pigmentation and production of elastin, since Vit C is water soluble it works fast to supress melanin production (cause of pigmentation) and helps to lessen the appearance of dark spots.

Hectic It’s Pack Time 07:00 AM Mask – RP £3.50

This sheet mask is designed for all you with busy hectic schedules and for those who want some extra zzz’s but still want good skin in the morning! This mask only has the essence placed on ONE SIDE of the mask for maximum absorption with minimum time, so you can dry your hair without having the annoyance of hairs getting stuck to the mask and getting messy, yay! This mask helps to brighten overall skin tone especially after a late night whilst soothing and moisturising the skin’s barrier.

Laneige Two Tone Brightening Sheet Mask – RP £5.50

Finally a sheet mask that addresses two skin issues on different parts of the face at the same time! This microfiber sheet provides a silky feel and closely adheres to the face, the brightening effect uses the pink coloured sheet infused with super berry extract that clarifies the T.Zone making skin clear and bright! Laneige’s Water Bank hydro ion mineral water moisturises dry skin around the mouth and cheeks leaving skin revitalised and hydrated!

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VE Mask – RP £3.50

Let’s get our glow on with It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VE sheet mask which focuses on providing deep nourishment and hydration to lifeless skin. Vitamin E provides moisture whilst Vitamin C ensures healthy skin promotion. Eucalyptus extract soothes irritation and helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier leaving you with a radiant shine.


Re, DNA Recovery Ampoule Mask Pack – RP £4.00

A natural algae extract ‘skin gel’ sheet soft and supple in texture adheres to your face like second skin and continues to remain moist whilst the essence is being absorbed into the skin. Comprised of hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and tri-peptide (yes, it’s one of our fave ingredients) vitalises skin, restores health to damaged cells, improves elasticity, soothes skin and prevents wrinkles, woo! Aimed for those that need a moisture and nutrition boost.

Roseheart Daily Brightening Pink Mask – RP £4.00

This super cute heart shaped pink mask is enriched with Adrisia Crispa extract which promotes brightening properties, rose water is used to soften the texture of skin and resurfaces rough dry skin. Vita-Complex 10 is infused to combat the signs of aging and one of our favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid which provides long lasting moisture for thirsty skin!

Dewpiel Defense Mask Pore – RP £4.00

Sick of seeing those enlarged pores? We’ve got the answer! Dewpiel’s Defense mask does just that, defences your pores! The sheet is made from a Micro Away fabric the brilliance of this mask is that it pulls away the dust particles from the skin and attaches itself to the gaps within the fabric of the mask, magic! This stops bacteria breeding on the surface of the skin, thus helping pores to stay clean and unblocked. Ingredients such as witch hazel, portulaca oleracea and tea tree helps to soothe blemish prone skin.

Salon De Tte Skin Tuning Recipe – RP £2.99

For our bonus skincare product included in this month’s box is one of Korea’s hottest sellers and was a game changer in the beauty world! Not only does this mini glove exfoliate and unclog pores it also deep cleans too! The white side can be used over a full face of makeup or a cleansed face for a deeper clean to remove grime, dead cells and any excess makeup residue. The yellow side is infused with botanical extracts such as fennel, basil and jasmine to clarify and tone the skin. Gently wipe over entire face or T.Zone avoiding eye area, rinse with a few splashes of water and continue with your daily skincare regime!

MJ Care Premium Hand Care Pack – RP £4.00

For the launch of our new Glow Starter Box we have included a MASK TIME gift and here it is! Often we neglect our hands as we concentrate only on our face but our hands show our age too! Centella Asiatica gives moisture to chapped hands and improves blood circulation leaving you with softer smoother mitts!



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