AUGUST Glow Setter Box

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Missed out on the subscription for the month? Or just want to try out one of our boxes? Or you just want to give a gift of sheet masks, we've got you covered!

Our AUGUST Glow Setter Box has dropped! Filled with 7 amazing masks! Hurry, we only have a few in stock!!

Let’s celebrate the end of Summer with luxurious treats for your skin! Get ready to soak your skin in our Liquid Gold Honey & Pearl collection so that you can shimmer and sparkle all the way through to Fall!

NOHJ Skin Traveller Wash Off Pore Clean Bubble Pack ~ RP £4.00

Looking for clean pores and glowing skin? Then look no further! This wash off Bubble mask pack is the saviour to your skin issues!


GOLD – Slows down collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity and improves blood circulation

PEARL – Brightens dull skin, adds luminosity and protects the skin from Free Radicals

COLLAGEN – Helps to slow the aging of skin, reduces wrinkles and dryness


1.       On clean dry skin apply the mask pack and spread evenly over the surface of your skin avoiding eye and mouth areas.

2.       After 2-5 minutes once the bubbles have activated massage gently for 1 minute.

3.       Rinse thoroughly with warm water and continue usual skincare routine!


JM SOLUTION Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask ~ RP £4.00

Treat your skin to our sweet Honey mask by JM Solution, containing Propolis, Green Propolis and Royal Jelly it helps to keep skin protected and mositurised!


PROPOLIS – Known for healing and an antiseptic it has restorative properties, decongests pores and accelerates cell growth.

GREEN PROPOLIS – Helps to control inflammation and calm sensitive or irritated skin types.

ROYAL JELLY – Has an antibacterial effect, keeps surface of the skin clear and clean and increases collagen production.


FRIENVITA Milk & Tea Royal Blend Mask ~ RP £4.00

Containing tea from the European Royal Family, this mask is fit for QUEENS! The first ‘Fabric-Gel’ mask from Korea, this specially modified natural cellulose sheet changes like flexible gel when exposed to water allowing skin to retain even more moisture!


BLACK TEA – 3,000ppm of 408 years fermented Black Tea containing Vit C, E & K which helps with moisture retention, brightens skin tone and helps with redness. Other factors include anti-aging properties!

ROYAL JERSEY MILK – 5,000ppm of premium milk, Casein helps enhance skin immunity, protein strengthens skin’s barrier and fatty acids help with deep moisturisation.


JAYJUN Gold Snow Black Mask ~ RP £5.99

This mask comes with an essence which contains pure gold, giving you revitalised skin! The Gold mask contains Black Pearl which helps to lock in moisture, say goodbye to dehydrated skin!


GOLD – Stimulates cells, slows down the aging process and brightens dull skin.

BLACK PEARL – Detoxifies congested skin, smoothes rough surfaces and nourishes skin.




FRIENVITA Wrinkle Filtering Mask Propolis Vita A ~ RP £3.00

Keep wrinkles at bay with this mask, formulated with skin filtering technology it effectively removes dead skin cells whilst providing nourishing essence!


VITAMIN A – Protects against UV damage, fights bacteria, evens out skintone and helps to clear acne.

PROPOLIS – Restores your skin’s elasticity whilst moisturising deep into the skins layers.

ADENOSINE – Soothes irritated skin, has anti-wrinkle benefits and energises overall complexion.


MEDIHEAL Meience Projelly Mask ~ RP £3.50

This Gel type mask has moisturising power, with its cooling gel care to sooth and hydrate dry rough skin you’ll be glowing in no time!


HONEY – Perfect for treating acne as it’s a natural anti-bacterial. It’s extremely moisturising and full of anti-oxidants!

WITCH HAZEL – Reduces skin irritation, protects against skin damage and helps with inflamed skin.

RAPESEED – A natural source of Vit E, a strong anti-oxidant that protects against aging.

CHAGA MUSHROOM – Fights against the signs of aging whilst protecting the skins surface!


MISSHA Pearl Honey Compote Mask ~ RP £4.00

A honey coloured sheet mask infused with Fresh Honey extracts to create a natural glow, moisturise dry skin and nourish deep within!


NIACINAMIDE: Helps to reduce enlarged pores, refine skin and strengthen a weakened skin surface.

DAMASK ROSE – A gentle astringent that helps to close pores and reduce inflammation.

GERANIUM OIL – Helps to eliminate dead skin cells, tighten sagging skin and promotes cell renewal!

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