February Radiance Box!!
February Radiance Box!!

You’ll find everything you need to harness your inner glow, from masks that target lifeless skin to masks that have a special pressure point massage to keep you looking young and your face slimmer!

February is the month of romance so let’s spoil our skin with some TLC!

DEARPACKER Jeju Flower Camellia Mask ~ RP £3.50

Keep your skin moist and supple with Dearpacker’s Camellia Mask, rich in Omega-6 and fatty acids it’s a non-greasy essence that is absorbed quickly into the skin. Japanese Geisha’s used to use Camellia oil to keep their skin flawless and youthful, this mask will prep your skin ready for that special evening out or in!

CELEBEAU High Performance Radiance Mask ~ RP £4.00

Enriched with diamond powder essence this mask provides hydration and nutrition for the skin, it seamlessly provides moisture to dry skin by using 87% nature derived ingredients whilst the diamond powder brightens lacklustre skin. Perfect for prepping the skin before applying makeup to give that luminous glow.

8 O’CLOCK 4D Horse Fat Essence Mask ~ RP £3.00

Don’t feel squeamish! It may seem bizarre, but Horse Oil has been used for centuries in the East for treating skin issues such as mild burns, cuts and eczema! It has essential fatty acids and the linolenic acid has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to repair the barrier creating healthy glowing skin! The 4D mask adheres close to the skin with the added function of being able to hook it around your ears for maximum fit.

A BY BOM Ultra Floral Leaf Mask ~ RP £4.50

This 2-step treatment mask provides deep moisture and brightening effects to the skin, consisting of petal patches that targets specific areas of concern and a mask soaked in essence containing cherry blossom extract, camellia flower extract, rose flower extract and lotus flower extract all providing nutrients and hydration to malnourished skin.


1)      After cleansing skin, apply the petal patches on the areas that are dry or pigmented

2)      Apply the sheet mask over the petal patches making sure to fit and align correctly over the face.

3)      After 10-20 min remove mask and pat any remaining essence into the skin!

#NUMERO 5 Vital Point Up Mask ~ RP £4.00

One of the prettiest masks we’ve seen here at Mask Time! This mask helps to moisturise and brighten skin, by pressing on the little icons on the mask you are deswelling and removing excess water retention promoting blood circulation with pressure point massage! Get a slimmer face, reduced eyebags and better skin by just doing pressure point massage for 5-10 min only! It uses a Watermic sheet which holds more moisture than an average sheet mask and it also delivers active nutrients more effectively into the skin.


1)      Use your fingers to press the point where the little ‘eye’ emojis are.

2)      Next, use your fingers to gently press under your orbital eye bone where the words ‘remove’ and ‘dark’ are.

3)      After use your thumbs to press across the cheek bones where the little ‘heart’ emojis are.

4)      Then use your finger to firmly press on the ‘lip’ emoji situated above your upper lip. Press on that spot a few times holding for 3 seconds each time.

5)      And finally use your fingers to gently press on the chin are where the ‘apple’ emoji is, press all along your jaw line using finger and thumb.

6)      Do this for 5-10 minutes only, leave mask on for entire duration of 10-20 minutes.

VERITE All In One Mask ~ RP £5.00

For those of you that are constantly on the go we’ve got just the thing! A 3 Step skincare all in one package, we understand that these days everyone has such busy lives so we wanted to be able to incorporate multi-use masks in our boxes too! Verite’s Special Care mask has a cleansing water tissue, moisture sheet mask AND anti-aging cream! Perfect if you’re heading off for a night out after work or gym!

FAITH IN FACE Let It Glow Mask ~ RP £3.50

Calling all dehydrated skin! This is the mask for you! Targeted for those of us who have dry and flaky skin in need of a boost, this mask contains patented AMF ingredient which keeps skin moisturised for a maximum of a 120 hours with just one use, dewy skin here we come!

BEYOND Herb Garden Lotus Mask ~ £3.50

The lotus herbs from the Beyond mask gently purifies skin whilst nourishing it at the same time, full of vitamin C and B complex it provides a natural barrier to protect it from the free radicals. The powerful antioxidants boost skins luminosity whilst the lotus flower extract shrinks pores and calms any swelling or outbreaks. The thin cellulose mask traps in the essence with the addition of a mild floral scent that calms the senses.

THE FACE SHOP The Solution Peptide Mask ~ £3.50

Formulated without parabens this light as air mask feels soft and weightless on the skin, the mask is soaked in a serum containing peptides that targets fine lines and wrinkles. Deeply hydrating, The Face Shop The Solution Peptide Mask adheres well to the skin with low irritation, great news for sensitive skin users!