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AOOL - Pore & Spot Care Mask

aool, porecare, spot, blemish, rootextract, antiinflammatory



Suffering from unwanted blemishes? Say goodbye to bad skin days with Aool’s Pore & Spot Care Mask! Ulmus Davidiana Root extract is an amazing moisturising ingredient as it boosts skin’s hydration levels. It’s also an anti-inflammatory with photoprotective properties (helps protect from sun d..

DR. PLUS - Banana Milk Mask

drplus, banana, milk, acne, blemish, oily, porecare, hydrating



A firm favourite milk drink in Asia and if you grew up drinking it, this mask will be a trip down memory lane as it smells exactly like the delicious beverage! The milky essence helps to balance water content in the skin and helps to retain moisture after just one use. Lactic acid reduces pigmen..

PROUD MARY - Cereal Pore Mask Pack

proudmary, chestnut, peppermint, lavender, porecare, oily, blemish



Give your skin a healthy treat with this Cereal Pore Mask Pack from Proud Mary! Castanea Crenata (chestnut) extract improves the texture of the skin whilst providing anti-aging benefits, peppermint leaf extract gives a cooling sensation whilst also helping to tighten pores and to balance oils pr..

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