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ABOUT ME - Collagen Mask

aboutme, collagen, antiaging, firming, hydration



About Me ~ Collagen MaskThis environmentally friendly pure 100% cotton sheet mask helps to banish fine lines and wrinkles, collagen is a protein and provides elasticity to the skin making it look younger and healthy! Hyaluronic Acid helps to give skin moisture as lack of water content leads to p..

BANOBAGI - Anti-oxidant Injection Mask

banobagi, antioxidant, brightening, injection, antiaging, soothing, collagen, gotukola, bamboo



BANOBAGI - Anti-oxidant Injection MaskThe line of “Injection” masks was created personally by the group of dermatologists at the most famous cosmetic surgery clinic in Korea, Banobagi Clinic. Each mask has the same real effect of an aesthetic injection, depending on the different types of sheets The..

BANOBAGI - Vita Cocktail Aqua Foil Mask

banobagi, aqua, antiaging, brightening, niacinamide, collagen, centellaasiatica



BANOBAGI - Vita Cocktail Aqua Foil MaskThis super cool Blue Foil sheet mask from Banobagi contains a cocktail full of vitamins such as magnesium (reduces excess oils), calcium (anti-oxidant), vitamin liposome (Vit C for skin brightening) and hydrolysed collagen (anti-aging) this sheet mask focus..

ENTIA - Essence Gel Modelling Pack Lifting/Hydrati...

entia, modellingmask, collagen, lifting, firming, vitaminc, caviar



ENTIA - Essence Gel Modelling Pack Lifting/HydratingThis innovative Essence Gel Modelling mask from Entia has ZERO powder and is made from essence only! No more messy mixing everything is all ready for you! If you suffer from irritated skin this mask helps to calm and cool redness, apply then le..

LINDSAY - Seok Go Contouring Mask Gold

lindsay, gold, lifting, firming, antiaging, collagen, niacinamide, brighten



LINDSAY - Seok Go Contouring Mask GoldThis two-step paper mache type mask consists of two layers, an inner essence layer to replenish skin of nutrients and an outer layer to tighten and lift. With niacinamide to brighten and collagen to firm this clever mask leaves skin feeling plump and nourish..

NO:HJ - 24K Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen

nohj, collagen, gold, antiaging, moisture, hydrate, oily, combination, brightening



NO:HJ - 24K Gold Mask Pack Super CollagenBougie Alert! This beautiful mask not only looks amazing but works amazing too! Covered in a delicate gold floral pattern, packed with 26g of essence, 1300mg of collagen and 1.15mg of gold extract this sheet mask packs a punch and is just oh so glam! Gold..

ROYAL SKIN - Real Mud Mask

royalskin, mud, oily, pore, antiaging, collagen



ROYAL SKIN - Real Mud MaskMade from 100% real Boryeong mud known for its purifying, cleansing and anti-aging effects! Collagen essence helps to tighten and firm skin whilst the Boryeong mud rich in minerals also soothes stressed out skin leaving your face feeling smooth and soft!..

SAFERENCE - F+C Skin-RX Facial Firming Mask

saference, firming, antiaging, hydration, collagen



Saference ~ F+C Skin-RX Facial Firming MaskSay goodbye to sagging skin! Saference Skin R-X Facial Firming Mask contains collagen, wine extract and Pomegranate Fruit extract to help tighten and revitalise the appearance of dull aging skin! Hydrolysed collagen provides firmness and moisture whilst ..

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