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A. BY BOM - Ultra Cool Leaf Mask

abybom, leaf, hydration, soothing, sensitive, brightening



A. by Bom ~ Ultra Cool Leaf MaskThis 2-step treatment mask provides deep moisture and soothing properties to stressed out skin! The cool leaf patch targets areas of the skin that needs extra moisture and firming such as smile lines, under eyes and other dry spots. Infused with concentrated lemon ..

BEYOND - Jeju Therapy Moisturising Mask

beyond, jeju, moisture, soothing, sensitive



Beyond - Jeju Therapy Moisturising MaskJeju Island is just off the coast of Korean Peninsula and contains the World Heritage site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes. Known for its natural beauty the best produce is grown there making ingredients from Jeju highly sort after! The highly adhesive s..

DERFILL - Teatree Real Juice Ampoule Mask

derfill, hydration, calming, soothing, teatree



Derfill - Teatree Real Juice Ampoule MaskThis tea tree infused sheet mask transforms tired dull skin into healthier happier skin in as little as 20 minutes! This natural anti-inflammatory mask soothes skin that is irritated and problematic as it helps to control sebum levels whilst the green tea ext..

ESFOLIO - Aloe Essence Mask Sheet

aloe, porecare, antiaging, soothing, hydrating, moisture, calming, sensitive


Esfolio - Aloe Essence Mask SheetAn intensive moisturizing mask that soothes and refreshes skin!Nourishes, softens, and smoothens with aloe barbadensis extract; calms and relieves irritated, inflamed skin; boosts elasticity while delivering a firming action; deeply hydrates with chaenomeles sinensis..

ESFOLIO - Egg Essence Mask Sheet

egg, porecare, acne, soothing, hydrating, moisture, calming, sensitive



Esfolio - Egg Essence Mask SheetPure Skin Egg Essence Mask Sheet is a highly concentrated essence type mask that is formulated with egg yolk extract which helps in strengthening skin resilience and also minimizes the look of pores as it purifies your skin effectively. This mask sheet also helps..

ESFOLIO - Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet

greentea, porecare, antiaging, soothing, hydrating, moisture, calming, sensitive



Esfolio - Green Tea Essence Mask SheetGreen Tea Essence Mask Sheet is perfectly made for patchy and dry skin! With its highly-concentrated essence mask, it helps in keeping your skin more hydrated and refreshed after a stressful day!It also provides protection against free radicals with the antioxid..

ESFOLIO - Red Ginseng Essence Mask Sheet

ginseng, soothing, hydrating, moisture, calming, sensitive


Esfolio - Red Ginseng Essence Mask SheetRed Ginseng essence mask sheet is a highly concentrated mask which penetrates into your skin deeply with the revitalizing goodness of red ginseng extracts!This essence mask sheet makes your skin more supple and radiant together with the fresh ingredients of qu..

ESFOLIO - Snail Essence Mask Sheet

snail, porecare, antiaging, soothing, hydrating, moisture, calming, sensitive


Esfolio - Snail Essence Mask SheetA soothing sheet mask oozing with Snail Filtrate. It moisturizes and firms while calming stressed and troubled skin to promote faster cell regeneration. Vitamins and nutrients from natural ingredients like Ginseng and Portulaca Oleracea help refresh and rejuvenate a..

HELLOSKIN - Jumiso Whoa Whoa Soothing Mask

helloskin, jumiso, sensitive, soothing, brightening, hydration, whitening


Helloskin - Jumiso Whoa Whoa Soothing MaskNatural ingredients such as honey and primrose oil help to soothe the skin when dealing with outbreaks or flare ups. Also containing Ceramide Complex, the mask also firms the skin to give added resilience. A really gentle way of treating irritated skin. Jumi..

NOTS - Lavender Relax Daily Mask

nots, lavender, soothing, sensitive, nutrition, hydration



Nots - Lavender Relax Daily MaskPerfect to use before going to bed, this Lavender Relax Daily mask from NOTS helps you sleep well, the subtle aroma relieves fatigue whilst the combination of natural remedies such as peppermint and sarcandra glabra provides a cooling sensation to the face whilst h..


physiolab, multistep, antiaging, soothing, hydration



Physiolab Cosmeceutical ~ Physiothera 3-Step MaskThis hypoallergenic mask is made from the ‘ferment complex’ this is the fermentation of the extract from natural ingredients such as broccoli, tomato, orange and blueberry. This natural sheet mask is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skins..

SIDMOOL - Waterfull Pure Essence Sheet Mask

sidmool, hydration, calming, soothing, moisture



Sidmool - Waterfull Pure Essence Mask SheetAn hypoallergenic daily facial mask sheet for hydrating & soothing, cruelty free.• Made of fibers from the eucalyptus trees that adheres seamlessly to face• Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deeply to provide intensive hydration• Instantly..

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