JUNE Glow Setter Box

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Missed out on the subscription for the month? Or just want to try out one of our boxes? Or you just want to give a gift of sheet masks, we've got you covered!

Our JUNE Glow Setter Box has dropped! Filled with 7 amazing masks! Hurry, we only have a few in stock!!

Are you ready for the Summer Glow? We sure are! This month it’s all about protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental factors whilst treating it to some very yummy goodness! 

BLOOMING CELL Pink Peel 2-Step Mask ~ RP £4.50

Starting summer with a multi-step mask, one of our faves! This super hydrating facial mask has anti-aging properties and helps to calm acne too!


LACTIC ACID – An Alpha Hydroxy acid that helps to reduce acne and blemishes whilst providing anti-aging benefits through gentle exfoliation!

GREEN TEA – Rich in anti-oxidants helps to maintain firm and supple skin.

HONEY – A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to heal and soothe skin!


·       Open Step 1, the Toner Peeling Lotion which can be applied by your hands or with a cotton pad onto a clean face.

·       Gently pat in the lotion and open Step 2, the sheet mask, place over face and sit back and relax for 10-20 minutes!

·       Remove sheet mask, pat in any remaining essence and voila, GLOWING skin!


PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Mask ~ RP £3.00

Soaked with rich honey essence and propolis extract, this honey sheet mask attracts moisture to your face like bees to honey!


PROPOLIS – A healing and anti-sceptic ingredient which helps in balancing problematic skin!

HONEY – Balances bacteria on the skin, and also helps to speed up your skins healing process.

HYALURONIC ACID – Known for its skin boosting benefits, mega moisture and a powerful anti-aging agent!


DR. JART+ Cicapair Calming Mask ~ RP £4.00

Say hello to healthy skin! One of our current staples in our skincare regime, this mask is soaked in Centella Asiatica which is famous for aiding skin recovery, perfect if you’ve been out in the sun or for irritated skin types!


CENTELLA ASIATICA – Also known as Tiger Grass helps to soothe hot and irritable skin, restore moisture and balance active oil levels!

BERGAMOT OIL – effective spot treatment for blemish prone skin.


SNP Fresh Vita Hydrating 2-Step Mask ~ RP £4.50

Freshen up dull skin with this yummy 2-Step mask from SNP! Filled with fruit and plant extracts it will quench your skin’s thirst this summer!


TEA TREE – Skin healing anti-sceptic agent

GREEN GRAPE – Acts as a gentle exfoliant whilst rich in Vit E helps to retain moisture within the skin.

RASPBERRY FRUIT – Rich in Vit C it helps to reduce the signs of aging, brightens dull skin tone and plumps the skin!


·       Place the mask packet on a firm surface with the back of the packet facing up

·       Fold the right and left sides on the dotted lines

·       Fold the top portion containing the essence and push down until the liquid POPS into the sheet mask!

·       Unfold and massage the packet making sure that the essence is evenly distributed before opening!


NOHJ Kinema in Beauty Contour Mask Serum ~ RP £4.50

Get summer ready with this beautiful mask from NOHJ! This innovative double sided foil lace golden sheet works to deliver maximum moisture whilst penetrating the ingredients deeper into the skin! Perfect for sudden skin troubles due to changing weather and environmental factors.


GOLD EXTRACT – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates cell renewal and brightens dull skin

PEPTIDES – Tiny proteins fight against the signs of aging and helps to stimulate collagen!


OERBEUA 2-Step Shining Mask ~ £3.50

Just as this sheet mask says, ‘Live More, Worry Less’ since your skin will be the least of your worries now! This 2 Step mask offers a deep cleanse and moisture solution in one! The heating Clay mask draws out impurities whilst the sheet mask provides radiance.


KAOLIN CLAY – A gentle cleanser and provides detoxifying effects, absorbing excess oils without causing inflammation or redness!

PEARL EXTRACT – Rich in nutrients and amino acids they help against free radicals, brighten skin tone and prevent signs of aging.


·       Apply Step 1 the heating clay to a clean and dry face avoiding eye and lip area

·       Wait 5 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water

·       Apply Step 2 the sheet mask for 10-20 minutes, remove and pat in remaining essence!


NOHJ Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mask ~ RP £3.50

A cleansing mask that purifies the skin with vitamin rich bubbles! Its perfect for calming sensitive skin and tightens pores creating smoother brighter skin!


TEA TREE – Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, helps to reduce the appearance of scars

PEPPERMINT – Soothing and cooling properties that refresh and calm the skin!

ROSEMARY – Provides skin with essential vitamins and helps to create a protective barrier on the skins surface.


·       Gently massage the mask packet to ensure all ingredients are mixed well into the sheet mask

·       Apply the sheet mask on a clean face and leave on for 5-10 minutes until enough bubbles form.

·       Wash off with lukewarm water and continue with usual skincare.

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