JUNE Glow Starter Box

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Missed out on the subscription for the month? Or just want to try out one of our boxes? Or you just want to give a gift of sheet masks, we've got you covered!

Our MAY Glow Starter Kit has dropped! Filled with 4 amazing masks! Hurry, we only have a few in stock!!

Are you ready for the Summer Glow? We sure are! This month it’s all about protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental factors whilst treating it to some very yummy goodness! 

ULTRU I’m Sorry For My Skin S.O.S Jelly Mask – Soothing ~ RP £3.50

Your Go To mask for when you’ve been out in the sun too long or if you’ve been a bit slack with skincare! Your skin will definitely NOT be sorry after using this, packed with botanical ingredients working to bring back the Glow for summer!


CENTELLA ASIATICA – fights inflammation and prevents the signs of aging!

BROCOLLI SPROUT – helps to calm irritated skin and soothes redness.

COCOA EXTRACT – bursting full of vitamins, minerals and omega 6 fatty acids it helps to increase blood flow allowing faster cell regeneration giving you glowing skin!

EVENING PRIMROSE – hydrates and soothes dry dull skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines.


OERBEUA Firming Mask ~ RP £3.00

Don’t have time to visit the Mona Lisa in Paris? Then we’ve brought her to you…in sheet mask form! This firming mask will create the perfect soft and glowing canvas that even Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of!


GLYCERIN – a humectant that draws out moisture from the air to the skin’s outer layer whilst preventing moisture loss!

BETAINE – an anti-irritant ingredient, helps to reduce the signs of aging

CAULIFLOWER EXTRACT – helps to promote collagen production whilst improving the texture of the skin leaving you smoother and firmer!


FEFERAFE Ice Cream Mask ~ RP £3.00

This mask contains the perfect ingredients for deliciously glowing skin! This creamy mask penetrates deep into the skin leaving skin smoother and softer, place in the fridge for maximum cooling benefits!


GREEN TEA – helps to repair damaged skin whilst calming irritated skin

STRAWBERRY – rich in Vit C helps to fight oily skin as well as nourish and revitalise

TAHITIAN VANILLA – an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory with powerful anti-oxidant properties


SHIONLE Pollutant Defending Mask ~ RP £3.50

With the British summer not able to make it’s mind up and harmful environmental factors this mask will help save the day.


BROCCOLI -  contains sulforaphane to protect your skin as it does not absorb UV rays and regulates cells to protect against UV damage

FIG EXTRACT – rich in Vit A & C, a gentle exfoliant allowing for fresher revitalised skin

CABBAGE EXTRACT – packed with nutrients, helps to soothe inflamed skin

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