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LEADERS INSOLUTION - Aquablend Oil Pocket Mask - Moisture

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Tags: leaders, moisture, hydration

Leaders Insolution - Aquablend Oil Pocket Mask - Moisture

Pop the white truffle oil pocket and let the nutritious Italian White Truffle oil soak into the sheet mask. The oil contains 5 key ingredients: macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and alba truffle oil. This special oil and essence blended to perfect ratio creates aquablend essence that allows moisture to be locked in, keeping your skin glowing and moisturised.

How To Use:

1) Peel off the little foil tab on the back of the packet, underneath you will see a little window where your sheet mask is

2) Fold along the lines as stated in the top right hand corner of the sheet mask packet

3) Press firmly into the middle of the area that you have folded to pop the Truffle Oil pocket

4)Through the window you can see the oil blend towards the sheet mask

5) Push all remaining oil into the area where the sheet mask sits and massage throughly

6) Take out mask and place on face

7) after 10-20 min remove and pat remaining essence into skin

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