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Missed out on the subscription for the month? Or just want to try out one of our boxes? Or you just want to give a gift of sheet masks, we've got you covered!

Our February Glow Setter Box has dropped! Filled with 6 amazing masks AND two FULL SIZED skincare items! Hurry, we only have a few in stock!!

This month MASK TIME is very excited to introduce the brand 9CC, a highly anticipated skincare brand that has been making WAVES in the beauty world with their products! Powered by the ‘energy of the South Korean sea’ their ingredients ensure a healthy and hydrated complexion! 

9CC – Juste Blanchiment Masque ~ RP £3.50

Harnessing the power of the sea, this mask will keep your skin glowing and moisturised all day! Containing the natural moisturising factor it activates the regeneration of the epidermis cells leaving skin smooth and soft!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       BLACK PEARL – from the island of Tahiti known as the ‘island of Paradise’ pearl extracts improves wrinkles and contains niacinamide which helps to brighten dull complexions.

·       GREEN ALGAE – enhances hydration, soothes and calms sensitive skin.

·       ALOE – a natural anti-inflammatory, helps to heal damaged skin and provide a protective barrier.

·       VITAMIN B5, E + C – treats rosacea, acne, eczema. Moisturises skin and balances out oil and water levels whilst brightens skin for a youthful glow!


9CC – Sea Collagen Heben Maske ~ RP £3.50

Achieve a natural GLOW and lessen the appearance of wrinkles with this mask infused with extracts of Sea Cucumber Marine Collagen. Skin will look moisturised and nourished with a bouncy plumping effect!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       SEA CUCUMBER – high in collagen, it helps to speed cell renewal whilst firming the skin and aiding healthier blood circulation.

·       PEPTIDE - tiny proteins from when collagen is broken down, provide significant anti-aging benefits!

·       MEXICAN CACTUS – abundant in fructose and natural moisturising factor, prevents skin from drying out for 24 hours!

·       WITCH HAZEL – has an astringent property that helps to fight acne.


9CC – Keine Akne Saubere Maske ~ RP £3.50

Clean and refresh your skin pure plant energy! This mask helps to relieve skin from stress leaving you bright and revitalised. With this potent mix of botanical extracts you can happily say buh-bye to blemishes!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       TEA TREE EXTRACT – anti-bacterial that relieves skin or redness and reduces the bacteria formed on the skin surface.

·       PURSLANE – rich in Vit C, magnesium and has powerful anti-oxidants. Helps to refine skin and give a healthy appearance.

·       LIQUORICE – perfect for blemish prone and sensitive skin, reduces excess sebum whilst diminishing the appearance of pigmentation.

·       PORTULACA LEAF EXTRACT – repairs damaged skin cells whilst shrinking pores.

·       CHAMOMILE – anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, contains essential oils and reduces irritation from free radicals!




9CC – Blue Sea Blanchiment Water Drops Cream (100g) ~ RP £11.00

Using natural, hydrating ingredients such as algae and Tahitian black pearl, it provides lasting moisture for the whole day. It only contains ingredients that are tender and safe for the skin, making the cream suitable for use on all skin types.  As well as working as a moisturizer, this brightening cream can also help you keep track of your skin’s health. With its intelligent water drops feature, you can see if your skin is perfectly healthy, too dry or too oily, allowing you to keep your skin in top condition!


·       DRY SKIN – When applied to the face there is less water drops and they appear very small.

·       OILY SKIN – The water drops are large and flow easily on the surface of the skin.

·       NEUTRAL SKIN – Moderate amount of water drops medium in size.


9CC – Purity Sea Foam Cleanser (100g) ~ RP £10.50

Maintain healthy skin with this low irritant foam cleanser, providing nourishment and pure ingredients to calm skin, enhance elasticity whilst preventing skin from drying out! Coconut extracts moisturise skin whilst black olive, squalene and black pearl prevents environmental factors from damaging the skin. Just squeeze the cream like cleanser onto the palms of your hands, rub together until a foamy consistency appears and massage your entire face, wash off with lukewarm water and hey presto clear and clean complexion!


All products free from paraben, mineral oils, fragrance and alcohol.

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