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#NUMERO - Numero 5 Vital Point Up Mask

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Tags: numero5, pressurepoint, brightening, hydration, whitening

#Numero - Numero 5 Vital Point Up Mask

One of the prettiest masks we’ve seen here at Mask Time! This mask helps to moisturise and brighten skin, by pressing on the little icons on the mask you are deswelling and removing excess water retention promoting blood circulation with pressure point massage! Get a slimmer face, reduced eyebags and better skin by just doing pressure point massage for 5-10 min only! It uses a Watermic sheet which holds more moisture than an average sheet mask and it also delivers active nutrients more effectively into the skin.


1)      Use your fingers to press the point where the little ‘eye’ emojis are.

2)      Next, use your fingers to gently press under your orbital eye bone where the words ‘remove’ and ‘dark’ are.

3)      After use your thumbs to press across the cheek bones where the little ‘heart’ emojis are.

4)      Then use your finger to firmly press on the ‘lip’ emoji situated above your upper lip. Press on that spot a few times holding for 3 seconds each time.

5)      And finally use your fingers to gently press on the chin are where the ‘apple’ emoji is, press all along your jaw line using finger and thumb.

6)      Do this for 5-10 minutes only, leave mask on for entire duration of 10-20 minutes, pat in any remaining essence into skin.



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