ROYAL GLOW Mother's Day Box

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Happy Mother's Day!

This month we have curated a special box fit for ROYALTY because mums are of course QUEENS! We’ve given your skin the full V.I.P treatment, so sit back and RELAX, it’s time for some ME TIME xoxo


ILLIYOON – Camellia Oil Nutrition Mask ~ RP £3.00

For those of us suffering from dry patches, red cheeks or just overall dehydration, this is the mask for you!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       CAMELLIA OIL – focuses on cell regeneration, also a great anti-oxidant and has cell protecting function too!


BANOBAGI – Gold Propolis Injection Mask ~ RP £4.00

Created personally by a group of dermatologists at the famous cosmetic surgery clinic in Korea, Banobagi Clinic their masks have high quality ingredients that instantly sees results!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       GOLD EXTRACT – provides anti-aging properties is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory!

·       PROPOLIS – used commonly as a natural anti-septic, soothes and balances blemish prone skin. It protects against bacteria and accelerates cell growth!


77 DAYS – Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask ~ RP £6.00

What’s better than a three step mask? A four step mask of course! This mask addresses all your skincare needs. Included is the 1st Step Ampoule, 2nd Step Sheet Mask, 3rd Step Moisturiser and 4th Step Eye cream, perfect for travelling or on the go!

Your skin will LOVE:

·        WHITE JADE EXTRACT – protects skin from dehydration whilst brightening it at the same time.

·       PEPTIDES – tiny proteins from when collagen is broken down, provide significant anti-aging benefits!


FRIENVITA – N.M.F Royal Crown Mask ~ RP £3.50

Feel like a Royal in this luxurious mask by Frienvita, formulated with patented NMF Royal Triple to provide moisturising and illuminating skin care with powerful moisturising properties!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       NMF – your skin’s own moisturising tool! Made from a mixture of amino acids and water soluble compounds your skin produces it to hydrate the surface layer.

·       ROSEMARY, SAGE and ALOE – combined gives nutrition whilst calming any redness or sensitivity.


MEDIUS – Cream Mask Gold Sericin ~ RP £4.00

This cream essence type mask is perfect for the drier climate as it creates a barrier locking in all that goodness, so you’re always hydrated wherever you go!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       SILK PROTEIN – maximises collagen production whilst minimising wrinkles!

·       MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL – rich in anti-oxidants softens and moisturises skin leaving you plump and bouncy!


NO:HJ – Milky Glow Recovery Mask ~ RP £3.50

Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt, used to bathe in milk to prolong her youth and there’s a good reason for it too! It nourishes cells deep within and keeps skin moisturised all day!

Your skin will LOVE:

·       VITAMIN B – improves condition of the skin, helps calm rosacea, acne and eczema. Also helps to repair sun damaged skin.

·       AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids, helps to reduce the size or pores and helps naturally exfoliate the skin.

·       CALCIUM – helps to regulate cell turnover and moisturises deep into the skin!


3CE – Pink Rumour Nail Lacquer Kit ~ RP £9.99

We love spoiling our Mask Time family so we’ve added this beautiful nail polish set to make you feel extra pampered! Super pigmented for vivid colours with just two coats, the advanced Dupont hair brush made to fit any nail size for colour that lasts! We hope you have a wonderful day and that all important MASK TIME! xoxo

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