We’ve curated our S.O.S boxes for your specific skin type so you don’t have to worry about which masks will suit you as we’ve done all the hard work for you!

There are 3 different S.O.S boxes and each comes with 5 masks catered specially for different skin issues:

Banish Those Blemishes –
For Oily Skin

Are you seeing unsightly clogged pores due to build up of excess sebum? That shine that looks more like chip shop rather than some bomb highlighting?

People with oily skin may be experiencing slight breakouts or have issues with blackheads and acne inflammation due to a lack of the right type of moisture, therefore your body will naturally produce more oils to makeup for it leading to unwanted blemishes and enlarged pores.

Fret not, our S.O.S Box catered for oily skin has five amazing sheet masks that contain ingredients to help combat the oils and Banish Those Blemishes

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Here’s To Hydration –
For Dry Skin

Do you look in the mirror and see more fine lines? Or are you experiencing a tight sensation with some flakiness to the skin? This often indicates dry skin.

If you’re suffering from dull looking skin especially on the cheeks or if you can see redness and it feels sensitive your skin is crying out for some moisture! If left untreated this can lead to premature aging which is a big no no!

Say HELLO to moisture with our S.O.S Box catered for dry skin, inside you’ll find four amazing sheet masks that provide intense hydration leaving skin dewy, bright and healthy, now Here’s To Hydration!

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Balance Is Bliss –
For Combination Skin

Notice that you have dry skin in some areas but oily in others? Are you noticing pores on your T-Zone but dry patches on your cheeks?

It may change due to weather conditions but generally you feel like you need extra moisture in some areas and less in others. You may be a sufferer of the most common skin type – combination skin!

We’ve got just the S.O.S Box for you, catered for combination skin! You’ll find four amazing sheet masks that will give you moisture in all the right places and leave your skin glowing because Balance Is Bliss!

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